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Starshine Arakkis
(Starshine Epsilon Aurigae X Randallane Xanadu)

"Ricky" is a very nice Lippitt Morgan Gelding looking for a super home. He has a sweet disposition, loves people and would make a wonderful driving pony or childs horse. He is 13.2 hands, clips, baths and is good for the farrier. This horse will be a friend for life but he needs a job. He is not trained but we have started him trotting with a bridle and saddle and have put weight on his back. As a saddle or harness pony he would be exceptional because he's smart and is afraid of nothing. This guy would make an awsome combined driving pony or a little show pony for some child.
Priced at $2500

Equine Breeding Phantom
We have a breeding phantom for sale that is in very good condition. You can collect a stallion in the middle of the phantom or off to the side There are two AV's so that you can collect both ways. We also have all the supplies needs so that you can start collecting stallions. Incubator, two microscopes, pippets, syringes, AV liners latex gloves two Equitainers and more.
Phantom with two AV's (Missouri/Colorado) Priced at $2500
Phantom with two AV's (Missouri/Colorado) and all of the supplies $3000

Metro Vac 4.0

This is a 4.0 Metro vacum. It was used to vacum the horses in the spring and before horse shows. It is great condition and can be used to vacum your car as well. Great suction and long hose
Priced right at $100.00.

SACO Fencers

The are electric fencers that work great.There are two different kinds
Priced right at $50.00 for the SACO 50.
Priced right at $30.00 for the SACO I.
Priced right at $70.00 for both.
Plus actual shipping.

Chicken Coop

This is a great chicken coop offered for sale. Slight wear and tear but still has many years of use. Must pick up.
Priced right at $600.00